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The Walt Disney Company and its consequences have been a disaster for copyright law

January 6, 21:26

Agreed. Also, copyright law itself has been a disaster for society.

Do you agree that almost all modern, and historic, software- including operating systems- has a lack of cum?

January 6, 15:27

Well clearly someone was beating off when they designed the Macintosh System 1 software, the screen's covered in white stuff!

will you date me? :P

January 6, 14:12

like, carbon dating? sure get in the machine

psst ees me kneeko my paewenps taked ma mobile parce que they want me to do skol weoks but me is on mweahaha >:)

January 6, 00:45

hi kneeko
Diagram of a human knee

my boxen came without gag relfex, how do i install? (i use arch btw)

January 3, 21:21

No idea, but the answer to everything is always "use Gentoo"

it’s not a real date if we’re not binge watching danoct1 videos

December 28, 19:49

Very true!!

would you rather listen to taylor swift or asap rocky for 24 hours

December 19, 08:18

Whichever one sings at a louder volume, therefore having a higher chance of causing permanent hearing loss.

do you like oral or penetration(?) more

December 15, 19:48

I love to penetrate sexy, breedable firewalls! :-)

₍ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ₎ be gay do crimes

December 15, 18:00

What if we committed several felonies together (and we were both boys smiling demon)

your bot is like the pure distillation of your gay energy how did you do that

December 15, 17:45

I call it the "Fucked-Up Markov Chain" algorithm (patent pending). It's exactly what it sounds like, I just took a Markov chain and added a bunch of extra logic at random to try and get better (or at least weirder) output. Also, sometimes it'll run in gay-mode, which rejects any output that doesn't have certain keywords. It's probably mostly that.

would you rather live in the 80s or 90s

December 14, 05:47

Probably the 90s, since, you know, at least it wouldn't be the height of the AIDS pandemic. Also, I would have so much fun with the complete lack of security present in early Internet services.

dick or butt

December 10, 20:46

why not both <3

okay let me make that a question. cum?

December 7, 17:21

uh YES

come in, join the revolution, we have cookies (special ones ;))

December 7, 17:05

As long as they're not advertising cookies!

why you still haven't fucked me? Uh? Just because i'm not a gay werewolf?? Rude

December 7, 17:01

Genitals are bloat, true Linux masters don't need them.

ur kinda cute tbh :flushed:

December 7, 16:56

(homoerotic teasing) damn you're down bad for an array of pixels on your screen?

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