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Answered messages

This site is delightfully retro! I don't suppose you'd be willing to share the source code? I've been wanting to design a static one myself.

• from 9ee1470fc3bf5b1f

Hi! I'm so sorry for this super-late response; I was away from my desktop for a bit, and I forgot about this until now. I've just published a Git repository with most of my site's source code. It's probably overkill for a static site, but I hope you find some of it useful anyway. And let me know how your site goes—I'd love to see it, and I'd be happy to help you out with making it. smiling face

hi i love ur website design sm!!

• from a5cb8bff9740fefc

Thanks! I'm glad you like it smiling face

no way

• from 776013483daafa88

The "No Way!" screen from Sonic & Knuckles, which shows Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, and Robotnik standing against a black background while the text "No Way? No Way!" scrolls above them.

cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock

• from d248d04aff71ca8a

How do you know exactly what I'm thinking right now? Please stop, it's creepy smiling face with tongue out


• from d23a5aa6ef3be409

There's no profanity filter on ~keithmail, people have linked me to gay porn multiple times on here. Truly this is what the Founding Fathers envisioned when they wrote the US Constitution: a world where every man and woman is free, free to speak about werewolf dicks. God bless America! (I wouldn't know, though, I'm from Hell.)

more funny buff tf2 men shirtless dancing to tick tock by joji

• from 90dcb0c7eb2320da

Link: Buff Fortress 2 [SFM] by Colonel Fanzipantzen
hnnnnnggg... men... muscular men... heart eyes

(Also, I desperately need to add markup support to this thing. I'll stop putting that off now.)

choose one: dick, butt, or balls

• from 3cf13ffc11d465b5

Fuck, this is a difficult question to answer. I'd rank dick and balls together slightly higher than ass, due to their high versatility and fun factor. As separate entities, though, it'd be a toss-up between dick and ass—my decision would come down to whether I felt more like topping or bottoming that particular day.

Opinion on GNU Guix? Opinion on Nix/NixOS? Opinion on declarative/functional programming style package managers?

• from 1b91b2e4e986b33d

I haven't used Guix or NixOS before, but they do sound interesting. I'd like to properly try them sometime, and share my thoughts in a blog post or video or something.

has minecraft babies with you on purpose

• from faffd4960e1e8c2a

Is now a good time to remind you that babies can be cooked in MCA Reborn?

I hear you are a fan of anthro canines, big dicks, and anthro canines with humongous dicks

anyways someone posted this and I thought of you <3

• from f710bdc2f83f9c4c

(Link to the post from the original message)

I am a fan of anthro canines, big dicks, and anthro canines with humongous dicks! Thanks for the post; God I need to press my muzzle into that sweaty bulge of his... face with heart eyes

(Also, sorry for mangling your message, I still don't have any rich text support in my anonmail system.)

oh yeah new 100 gecs album check it out

• from 57e3ed45db3d1cb9

What is a gec, and why do they have a hundred of them? That seems like an unreasonable amount of gecs to me. Stop hoarding all the gecs!

Wait, what's Wildebeest? (Same user from before just cookie expired)


• from 57e3ed45db3d1cb9

Ah, Wildebeest is Cloudflare's fork of Mastodon, which is designed to exclusively run on their cloud "services".

You ever think about how much cool technology Google, Amazon, Apple, MS, etc. have EEE’d and then get really fucking pissed off? And I’ve already seen hints of this happening to fedi too.

God I’m just so frustrated about it

Also my condolences for your infrastructure issues currently happening, I saw the alert when I went to post this

• from 93263b5d1a2c0576

God, yeah. It's frustrating as hell, but I hope that the larger population of technically-inclined people on the Fediverse will realize what's going on sooner and be able to fight things like Wildebeest off. Sadly, it looks like everyone's happy contributing to the destruction of the Internet by using Cloudflare's MiTM scams—sorry, I mean their "CDN and DDoS protection".

I think IPFS has great potential as a CDN replacement if you really need such a thing (I haven't so far), and the "official" ipfs.io gateway isn't under Cloudflare anymore, but it's annoying that we need to use ~magic HTTP links~ and have IPFS-enabled browsers guess if they can replace them with an IPFS request based on what they look like. I can see major corporations exploiting that heuristic to intentionally break their Web sites and prevent it from gaining traction, unless it's adopted by more than one niche browser soon.

Maybe we should all just move to Tor and do our own thing...

Anyways, regarding the infrastructure issues, thanks for your sympathy. A fair chunk of my services are back up and running, it's just been a busy month for me, and I haven't had the time or energy to fix things as quickly as I would like to.

So anyways I found doomguy porn: https://nitter.net/francishsie/status/1603267185690161152

be aware his cock is front and center so if anyone else reading this doesn't want to see that don't click (this warning is not for keith I know punk would want to see lol)


• from 101e7417f6422587

Damn, I'd love to get my hands on that BFG... face with heart eyes (This is the link to the photo, for anyone reading. ~keithmail doesn't support links or other rich text, at least not at the moment.)

What's the biggest meat you can fit, or how many?

• from 5d5348b365a9ec4a

I'd like to know the answer to this question as well. Sadly, I have not yet been able to procure the necessary materials (cute tops) to properly test this.

have you heard of the self lubricating Bussy?

• from 9289b64987b0bce1

No, but now I desperately need one.

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