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Do you log it when I hit the increment button? It’s a very fun button I’m sorry if I am spamming a log file somewhere

No, it just increments a value in a MySQL database. You're probably fine :-)

whale milk has the consistency of cottage cheese so calves can "eat" the milk underwater

I just thought you should know this

Huh. I... don't know how to feel about this.

Mario pic?

A close-up of Mario's face taken with a fisheye lens, with text that reads: I showed you my 1-up mushroom please respond

Re: Re: Re: Opinion on penis?

I see you already answered opinion on vagina (not my question), what about the whole vulva region in general? Basically opinion on pussy/cunt/malebox/<insert preferred term>

Malebox??? Anyways, results are inconclusive, I need to acquire more data.

Opinion on vagina?

"8.5/10, needs more teeth" - IGN

Re: Re: opinion on penis


I mean, giving someone a blowjob does produce a pleasing sound, if you do it right.

Honestly, your website is cool af. I love it.

Thanks! I'm glad you like it :-)

why tf did you chose CSS

What else was I supposed to use, Microsoft ActiveX??? CSS is the only stylesheet format supported by Web browsers.

Opinion on penis?

It's my favourite musical instrument, I love playing the skin flute!

I really want a website like this one that you've made, but I don't know where to start! Do you have tips, a how-to guide, or anything like that? This looks so awesome and i LOVE the design

Well, you'll need to learn HTML and CSS in order to create and style Web pages. MDN Web Docs is a good resource, and I find myself referencing it quite often when I tweak things.
I also use PHP to make my site easier to maintain, and to add interactive elements. You don't need it, though (and some people will say you shouldn't use it, you should be using whatever horrible Node.js framework is the hot new trend this week), I just personally find it useful.
Anyways, I recommend starting out by making small pages and sites in pure HTML and CSS, before you move on to larger things. You don't even need a server or domain name to start - just a good text editor like Geany and a Web browser.
If you reach out to me via the contact info in my about page, I'd be more than happy to give you more advice and assistance - I'm glad I'm not the only one interested in this, lol!

Not the same person but the colouring is a bit off on dark mode

Oh... I can't test dark mode as easily anymore (thanks RFP) and I guess that slipped through. Sorry :-P

the text above this text box is difficult to read

Huh? What's the problem with it? The Firefox contrast checker says it meets WCAG guidelines.


sus... sus never changes

What do you think of the inevitability of everyone becoming crab?

I don't know, but I think this guy would be excited:
The crab fisherman from Link: The Faces Of Evil

What do you think of penguins? Are they good to eat?

NO DON'T EAT TUX crying face


...a mental breakdown (off-key kazoo)

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