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My avatar, a punk dude with ram horns and a jacket.

Hi, I'm ~keith, a mysterious entity prowling the dark, unexplored corners of the Internet. Welcome to my Web site! Please excuse the mess, I haven't been able to update it as often as I'd like. Hopefully that'll change soon.

What's wrong with you?

I'm a queer, trans, polyamorous anarchist and hackerpunk. My interests include tinkering with old computers, kissing men, working on programming & electronics projects, violating copyright law, and playing video games.


I use punk/punks and it/its pronouns. Here's an example of how to use them:

This morning, punk went to the park.
I went with punk.
And punk brought punks frisbee.
At least I think it was punks.
By the end of the day, punk started throwing the frisbee to punkself.

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My e-mail address is, and my PGP key is below. Please feel free to e-mail me about anything at all!


You can contact me using XMPP or Matrix.

Social media

I'm most active on the Fediverse, where you can find me at Technically, I also have a Twitter account, @cybercrimemlm, but I try to avoid that place.

Other stuff

Services I host

I currently run the following public-facing Internet services. You're welcome to use them!

You can also access some of my services via Tor .onion sites:


I can't sign up for PayPal or any similar service, so I can only accept Monero. Here's my address:


You can still send me Monero even if you don't use it - just go to any "buy monero online" website and put my address in.