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opinion on vulvas/vaginas/pussies/cunts/preferred slang term for external female genitalia?

not to be straight but I think they're pretty neat myself

• from f87dba7e3da58523

I generally tend to prefer dicks, but I agree, they're neat too.

Via the power of some strange magic, you know have the ability to look at someone and instantly know if they’d let you suck their dick

What do you do with this power

• from 86b255df4eeb59a8

I mean, the only logical thing to do with that power would be to suck the dick of every single person I came across who would let me. It'd make it a lot easier to work up the courage to flirt with people I find hot, too.

opinion on girldick?

• from 476d8eb1e82afd69

I've said this before, but I strongly believe in the A.C.A.B. philosophy—All Cocks Are Beautiful.

>>100 gecs but instead of gecs it’s girldick
>>100 gocks
>from 7c2b00781852178b
>Okay, but how would you take 100 girlcocks at once??

With great effort, I'd imagine. Probably not all simultaneously but you could take all of them in sequence relatively quickly if you made good use of the resources (e.g. holes, lube) available. Folks with vaginas have an advantage here, of course.

Anyways cockgistics (cock logistics) session over

• from 476d8eb1e82afd69

Yeah, fair enough. What's the point if you can't have all of them in you simultaneously, though?

do you like C tho?

• from cd03776a3b155293

Yeah, C is a good language. I enjoy programming in it, and find it more comfortable than alternatives like Go or Rust. C just lets me have fun and write low-level code in the way I want to.

The parts of the C community I've interacted with also don't have this weird sense of moral superiority. Programming language features are tools, not social justice causes. If you find one helpful, use it—but don't pretend that you're an inherently better person because of it. You're not; you're just an insufferable asshole.

i REALLY REALLY like dragons, on a scale of 1 to 100000000, how much do you like dragons?

• from 5ae6eefe127bf605

They're pretty cool, we stan dragons on this Web site.


• from 5fc72dfdb2161098

eating people alive like that one jerma video

100 gecs but instead of gecs it’s girldick

100 gocks

• from 7c2b00781852178b

Okay, but how would you take 100 girlcocks at once??

>>Would you suck off Doomguy (From Doom)
>Uh, YEAH!!! face with heart eyes Of course I would, what kind of mutt do you take me for?

Okay second question would you suck off Samuel Hayden (tall mildly evil robot dude. might not actually have a penis.)

• from f47a4ada309ded97

Absolutely. Robot dick sounds fun, and given that he's chairman of the UAC (and therefore probably very rich), I could use him as a sugar daddy.

when are you going to RIIR this site

• from 3ec620f8f1e9fcc8

Never. I like using PHP to make Web sites and applications; it's a language designed for that sort of thing, and I think it actually does the job pretty well. More importantly, I enjoy working with PHP, and building this Web site with it. If I switched to Rust, I wouldn't have fun programming, and that wouldn't do anybody any good at all, now would it?

Which modern civ game is better, 5 or 6? If you answer "i haven't played either" I will cry irl

• from 49f741f3cc04728f

Better get the tissue paper, then. I haven't played any of the Civilization games, although they do look fun. I wonder if the system requirements are low enough to let me stream it...

Would you suck off Doomguy (From Doom)

• from a25469d2239df65c

Uh, YEAH!!! face with heart eyes Of course I would, what kind of mutt do you take me for?

Opinion on Bridget guilty gear??

• from 2b0b57ea28d57936

I don't know much about Guilty Gear, but I think it's a bit weird how her(?) gender identity was handled in the latest game. She was born male, but forced to identify as a woman her entire life in order to escape persecution due to her town's local superstition. Originally, she was extremely reluctant about this, and would go out of her way to assert that she was a man – what changed? Why is she all of a sudden hiding her true self by rejecting the identity forced onto her since birth? It doesn't make sense.


• from 76cd121bbdd0c50a

I've received this exact message before, and I'm still not sure whether this is a statement or a demand.

coccyx? You mean the cock sex?

• from 76cd121bbdd0c50a

Tailbone more like tailBONER am I right folks???

favorite human organ?

• from 11732371ce852fed

It's a three-way tie between the prostate, penis, and testicles. (Heh, three-way... smirking face)

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