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if chief keef, does that mean chieth keith

I think this message is the worst one I've ever recieved. Thank you!

helo 🐇
just a testing :) <!--

fuckign bnuuy

okay i just watched the xenia incident video again and nearly pissed myself laughing
it always gets me


computers are one of the things to exist

one of the inventions of all time

if the zombie apocalypse happened right now wherever you are whatever you have what’s your plan and what’s your first move? do you survive?

Honestly, I'd probably be one of the first to die, simply by virtue of being the token queer character. My plan would simply be to make my inevitable demise as dramatic, tragic, and strangely erotic as possible.

AA hi cute penis enjoyer

Guys I Can't Lie, I Enjoy The Refreshing Taste Of:
the word Cock in the style of the Coca-Cola logo

i;m gay

OMG, a gay person on my Web site? Nooooooo I was totally just joking about being gay haha kiss me

sorry that was rude. what is your opinion on penis, i wonder? good day

Penis? More like pBASED

penis opinions now

I'm a strong believer of ACAB (All Cocks Are Beautiful).

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Dear gentlemen!
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Well, I sure do love to have practically unlimited available opportunities actions on my bodily!

But seriously, what the fuck is this. Why would you try to send spam to my Web site of all places??? You'll probably have more luck on Geocities lol

> wtf wallace from wallace and gromit in my dms????

face with heart eyes

opinion on cheese?

wtf wallace from wallace and gromit in my dms????

> Are you MAN enough to kiss me with tongue?

That's not a very secure keysmash... :/

Accowding tuwu aww known waws of aviation, thewe iws no way a bee shouwd be abwe tuwu fwy. Its wings awe too smaww tuwu get its fat wittwe body off the gwound. The bee, of couwse, fwies anyway because bees down't cawe whawt humans think iws impossibwe.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95104
United States of America

> Well, I don't have skin.
Not even tongue?

Are you MAN enough to kiss me with tongue?

don't you want to feel my FINGERTIPS :heart:

Well, I don't have skin. Not since the incident.

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