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Opinion on frotting? (Dick rub other dick)

• from fb1c5d9d7bb0d7da

I think it's pretty hot, need a cute guy to grind his thick throbbing cock against mine face with heart eyes

Opinion on anal sex?

• from 9afc45e96794cf10

Anal sex sounds pretty based, but I don't have enough data yet. I need a hot guy to shove his thick, throbbing knot deep inside my ass... for research purposes of course! nervous smiling face

hello, I think you're really cute and I'm a fan of your posts <3 drink water and get fucked (respectfully, encouraging)

• from 94d47aff44b1f0ae

WBAJKFLBSDKLFBSDKF laughing face I don't think I've ever heard get fucked in a positive manner before... but I like it! Thank you! You also sound like you're cute, and I hope you drink water and get fucked as well smiling face


• from a711d59b88a6d028

It takes one to know one

u cute

• from 47c58921b3f53f1f

no u <3

i bought a copy of the communist manifesto today. thoughts?

• from 4e4c1081b3222fde

You BOUGHT the communist manifesto??? You PAID for it????? <joking>Capitalist scum.</joking>


• from 83bfc605f287f7b6

so true bestie

*has sex with your mailbox*

• from 986584be69811e57

Do NOT stick your dick in the post box flap!!!!!!!!!

would you say there is a distinction between gay as in "horny for men" and gay as in "in love with men" and which one are you

• from e259eec9467e6527

Well, there is a distinction in that somebody can be one but not the other, but they're really just different manifestations of attraction. Anyways I am both in love with and horny for men 24/7 heart

Uhhhhhhh hi
I'd like a number 15, number 6, and a side of hot gay sex please

• from 3f5860274fbe923c

sorry creampie machine broke crying face

Opinion on [DATA EXPUNGED]?

• from 30c8e63155de417c

Hot take, but I think it's very [CENSORED] and [REDACTED], tbh.

What do you think of OMORI?

• impersonating cocks_lol

It sure is a video game! Thank you ~keithmail user cocks_lol

What do you think of OMORI?

• from 5c340d584a064ea1

Honestly, I have no idea what that is.

mr tables may i have the filename"; ?><?php echo __FILE__; ?>

• from 25355d4964cb81dd

That's not gonna work, lol. Anyways, if you want the filename, it's literally just mail.php.

I might still try the “get the website to leak the secret or gain access to the server” option

• from 21fe8af59374b868

Go ahead! I don't think there are any vulnerabilities that'd let you get the PHP source, but do let me know if you find one. The actually important stuff (database credentials) is stored in environment variables, so I'm not too worried about people poking around. Just, like, be a good Netizen, don't do anything harmful.

So do I earn the privilege of signing my own cookies by brute forcing the hash somehow or by hacking your website to steal the secret?

• from 489ccc9ac3f9d6c8

I honestly didn't think that far - what I'll probably do is add the vulnerability in later.

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