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when are you going to RIIR this site

• from 3ec620f8f1e9fcc8

Never. I like using PHP to make Web sites and applications; it's a language designed for that sort of thing, and I think it actually does the job pretty well. More importantly, I enjoy working with PHP, and building this Web site with it. If I switched to Rust, I wouldn't have fun programming, and that wouldn't do anybody any good at all, now would it?

Which modern civ game is better, 5 or 6? If you answer "i haven't played either" I will cry irl

• from 49f741f3cc04728f

Better get the tissue paper, then. I haven't played any of the Civilization games, although they do look fun. I wonder if the system requirements are low enough to let me stream it...

Would you suck off Doomguy (From Doom)

• from a25469d2239df65c

Uh, YEAH!!! face with heart eyes Of course I would, what kind of mutt do you take me for?

Opinion on Bridget guilty gear??

• from 2b0b57ea28d57936

I don't know much about Guilty Gear, but I think it's a bit weird how her(?) gender identity was handled in the latest game. She was born male, but forced to identify as a woman her entire life in order to escape persecution due to her town's local superstition. Originally, she was extremely reluctant about this, and would go out of her way to assert that she was a man – what changed? Why is she all of a sudden hiding her true self by rejecting the identity forced onto her since birth? It doesn't make sense.


• from 76cd121bbdd0c50a

I've received this exact message before, and I'm still not sure whether this is a statement or a demand.

coccyx? You mean the cock sex?

• from 76cd121bbdd0c50a

Tailbone more like tailBONER am I right folks???

favorite human organ?

• from 11732371ce852fed

It's a three-way tie between the prostate, penis, and testicles. (Heh, three-way... smirking face)

idea: fediverse and/or mail transfer agent server that takes the "unix philosophy" of small utilities connected with scripts to the extreme

it ships with 100+ binaries doing everything from interacting with databases to performing basic math

• from c10f580b50c837a7

Actually, a shell-script-friendly database interface which handles data in a simple plain-text format would be pretty cool, I think. As for mathematical calculations, you could use bc, or let in Bash.

do you just kiss boys, or do you kiss girls too? I think you're pretty cute on-line 😘

• from 4aff912d9e88e552

IDK, I'm primarily attracted to men and various other nonbinary genders. I don't generally find myself attracted to women, but there have been some exceptions.

Anyways, thanks! smiling face You're also pretty cute. Poggers, even. Slayyy, if you would be so inclined.

idea: meat lover's pizza but instead of meat it is cock

• from c10f580b50c837a7

Sounds delicious! munching face

do you still check this?

heh heh frenulum

• from 442c865483729228

Yeah, I still check this, it goes directly into my e-mail inbox. But I can only respond when I have access to a terminal and can SSH in to my server.


• from da6515c2b13a93ef

agreed <3

catra fat ass

• from f1cad9e66b8a782d


Opinions on kitty cats?

• from 06c92b9d53de9911

You mean my boyfriend? Yeah they're pretty cute smiling cat face

So uh… (https://keithhacks.cyou/mail.php?id=470)

>> *has sex with your mailbox*
> Do NOT stick your dick in the post box flap!!!!!!!!!

keith, I regret to inform you I may have read this post and stuck my dick in the post box flap at my house as a joke.

I am stuck. It hurts.

It has been 30 minutes. It is 3 AM and my dick is stuck in a mailbox.


• from c0c260df07ddd62b

Rest in peace, anon's penis. Your Darwin Award will be in the mail as soon as your genitalia is out of the way.

Opinion on n+1?

• from 8afd97c7e0c7e503

N+1? So true bestie.

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