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You ever think about how much cool technology Google, Amazon, Apple, MS, etc. have EEE’d and then get really fucking pissed off? And I’ve already seen hints of this happening to fedi too.

God I’m just so frustrated about it

Also my condolences for your infrastructure issues currently happening, I saw the alert when I went to post this

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God, yeah. It's frustrating as hell, but I hope that the larger population of technically-inclined people on the Fediverse will realize what's going on sooner and be able to fight things like Wildebeest off. Sadly, it looks like everyone's happy contributing to the destruction of the Internet by using Cloudflare's MiTM scams—sorry, I mean their "CDN and DDoS protection".

I think IPFS has great potential as a CDN replacement if you really need such a thing (I haven't so far), and the "official" ipfs.io gateway isn't under Cloudflare anymore, but it's annoying that we need to use ~magic HTTP links~ and have IPFS-enabled browsers guess if they can replace them with an IPFS request based on what they look like. I can see major corporations exploiting that heuristic to intentionally break their Web sites and prevent it from gaining traction, unless it's adopted by more than one niche browser soon.

Maybe we should all just move to Tor and do our own thing...

Anyways, regarding the infrastructure issues, thanks for your sympathy. A fair chunk of my services are back up and running, it's just been a busy month for me, and I haven't had the time or energy to fix things as quickly as I would like to.

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