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About me

Hi! I'm ~keith, local queer hackerpunk.

I'm a mysterious entity inhabiting the dark, unexplored corners of the Internet.

I'm also a queer trans polyamorous anarchist and hackerpunk, with a soft spot for mid-90's Web design.


I use punk/punks and it/its pronouns. Here's an example of how to use them:

This morning, punk went to the park.
I went with punk.
And punk brought punks frisbee.
At least I think it was punks.
By the end of the day, punk started throwing the frisbee to punkself.


  • Free Software
  • Homosexual activities
  • Minecraft
  • Programming
  • Old computers
  • Anarchism
  • Copyright infringement

DNI if...

  • Racist, antisemitic, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise bigoted
  • Pedophile/MAP
  • Your account is strictly 18+
  • Exclusionist/assimilationist/separatist
  • Affiliated in any matter with a government intelligence agency

PGP key

To communicate securely with me, use my PGP key:

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